Server & Client

Reliable and high-performance servers

Servers are central computers in corporate networks and perform versatile tasks for other systems. Among other things, they serve as file storage, process e-mails, manage databases for programs or ensure that users can log on to their PCs. However, the architecture of these systems can vary widely.

As an IT system house, we take over the maintenance of hardware and software, plan and implement new systems and take care of the proper functioning of existing servers. We support physical as well as virtualized and cloud servers independent of the virtualization platform used, e.g. VMware or Hyper-V, and of the operating system installed, e.g. Windows Server or Ubuntu Server.

Clients tailored to your needs

The requirements for PCs, notebooks and tablets can vary greatly depending on the intended use and user. An architect may need workstations with high graphics performance for CAD applications, a lawyer a mobile notebook with long battery life. We therefore clarify the exact requirements beforehand and offer you client systems tailored exactly to your needs. In addition, as a system house, we naturally take care of the installation and maintenance of the software and accessories used.

Our services for your servers & clients in detail

Our services for your servers & clients