IT Security

Protection against attacks on the network

The number of attacks on corporate networks has been rising steadily in recent years. This no longer only affects large companies; small and medium-sized enterprises are also increasingly becoming targets of cyber attacks. The encryption of important data, the failure of systems or loss of sensitive data often means a large financial loss.

To ensure that your network is protected against external attacks, we create an individual and cost-efficient security concept. As a system house, we rely on both tested security hardware and intelligent management of the hardware and software used. This is because many successful attacks exploit security vulnerabilities in outdated or incorrectly configured software.

Secure environment for users

Another typical gateway for attacks on the network are the users themselves. Many cyber criminals rely on social engineering at the beginning of an attack. This can start, for example, with a phishing email or a prepared disk, which establishes access to systems within the network or user accounts.

That is why our IT security concepts focus on protecting the users themselves. This is achieved firstly through strong password policies, intelligent access permissions to files and systems, comprehensive email security systems and secure endpoint virus protection. On the other hand, we sensitize and train the employees themselves so that users themselves can recognize, fend off, and report attempted attacks via social engineering. This results in a complete protection concept to protect your network and your company data in the best possible way.

Our services for your IT security in detail

Our services for your IT security