Cloud solutions

Cloud solutions that fit your business

The term “cloud” is very abstract and has little in common with clouds. Cloud services usually stand for services, e.g. a provider’s software, on servers in a data center. Typical examples are cloud storage, such as Microsoft OneDrive or iCloud, or communication solutions, such as Microsoft Teams or a cloud telephone system. Almost every type of application is now offered as a cloud variant. But which cloud services really offer added value for your company?

As a system house, we support you in choosing the right cloud solutions for your company and take care of their implementation and support. You can rely on our expertise and experience in cloud computing.

Scalable infrastructure in the cloud

In addition to individual services, entire company infrastructures can also be operated in a cloud. For example, virtual servers, firewalls or computers are operated in a provider’s data center. The connection is made via a secure VPN, for example. These virtual instances can be easily scaled to meet the needs of your business. In addition, you and your employees can access all important resources regardless of location. And this without high initial costs for hardware procurement and setup. Especially for small companies with poorly plannable growth, this results in a well-scalable solution with predictable regular costs.

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